Short Bio. I was born on June 15, 1988 in Jesi, and I have always lived in Rosora, a small town located in the heart of Le Marche region. Following my parents' advice, I have always played sports: I started swimming and playing football when I was six. I carried on practicing both these sports till I was ten (I then gave up on swimming due to my lack of real interest in it). I played football at an amateur level for a long time, I was a member of the Castelplanio Sportive Society which is now called A.S.D. Le Torri.
photo01 I thought I had a feel for scientific studies, that's why at the age of fourteen I chose to attend the Technical Institute Guglielmo Marconi in Jesi, majoring in Computer Science (although at first I was tempted to major in Electronics and Telecommunications, I soon realized that Computer Science was in the end the right choice). I had a summer job at Simet S.r.l, based in Serra S. Quirico, for four years. I chose a summer job because I could escape from boredom and, at the same time, I could save some money. I got my high school degree in 2007 with the final grade of 92/100. This fostered me to keep studying Computer Science.
Being able to choose from a wealth of possibilities, I enrolled in the Computer Science undergraduate programme at the University of Camerino. The great results I achieved, my will to know more of the world and my parents' wholehearted support moved me to leave for the Erasmus Programme in August 2009. I studied at Västerås Mälardalen University, Sweden for five months and where I got high marks as well. I soon realized the importance of foreign languages, of English above all, especially when applied to scientific studies. Hereafter, I had an internship with Loccioni Group for three months. At the end of this period I got my BSc degree in Computer Science with a final dissertation on "EnergyWise Technology & UUDM&M interfacing". I got graduated in June, 2012 with the final grade of 110/110 with honors.
photo05 The period I spent in Sweden pushed me to repeat the experience abroad, and this time around I chose to spend three months in Bournemouth, England in order to improve my English. There I attended the courses of the British Study Centre and I had a job as a dishwasher at the Urban Beach hotel bistro where I had the chance to chat with native speakers.
After my stay in England, moved by my passion for study, I enrolled in the Computer Science postgraduate programme at the University of Camerino. This course gave me the chance to join the Double Degree Programme thus allowing me to complete my master degree abroad. I actually spent the third and fourth semester of my master at Reykjavík University, Iceland where I wrote my final dissertation entitled "Observation of multiple features for recognition of Daily Activities". In June, 2012 I earned a "double" degree (meaning that is effective both in Italy and in Iceland) with the final grade of 110/110 with honors.
Starting from September 2012, I've been working at Filippetti S.p.A. (based in Ancona). There I'm currently working at a R&D project on "Big Data and Internet of Things" in joint collaboration with the University of Camerino.

photo02 Interests. I'm fond of Computer Science and I am pleased to observe the results this discipline has achieved lately. My studies allowed me to have an overall knowledge of Computer Science but I still cannot say I specialized in one particular field. As many of my colleagues, I hope my working experience will provide me with the expertise I need to fully understand in which field I can give my best. For now, I must say I am pleased with the results of my recent projects about Home Automation, like my master final dissertation. I wouldn't mind keep up working on this field.
Besides Computer Science, music is my biggest passion. My dad has a wide musical culture and since I was a kid our home stereo delighted me with the great sound of all time. I had a period in which I considered it to be "music for oldsters" (pfui, teenagers...) but I totally rediscovered those artists and little by little I achieved a pretty good musical culture. Some might consider the music genres I'm keen on (avant-garde, experimental, new wave, post-jazz) to be of a lesser extent or niche genres but actually there's just one band that has been my favourite since I was 14: Pink Floyd. However, way too many people I know classify my musical tastes as "too weird".
I produce some ground noise in a band called Kree-Mah-Stre. Success is not our priority; we're just a group of friends engaging in bizarre sounds. Nevertheless we're looking forward to performing, and we plan to look up for potential performing dates as soon as we put together a decent number of tracks.
I love travelling, visit new places and getting to know new cultures. Up till now I've just traveled around Europe (see enlarged map), but I really would like to open up to other continents, Asia and Oceania first. I hope that some time I'll be able to get enough money and time to travel around the world, possibly in good company.
photo03 I'm also fond of comic books. I mainly read Italian comic books like Dylan Dog, Dampyr and Ratman, but I really like the Argentinean comic Dago. Another thing I definitely love is cuisine from around the world, specially oriental: Indian, Chinese, Korean, Nepali (well, obviously enough I don't mind Italian one at all!).
Lately my girlfriend got me started in a particular style of analogue photography, known as lomography. It astonishes me how a particular combination of camera and film produces unpredictable results. Sometimes the photos you shoot differ so much to what the human eye perceives that results in something awesome and absolutely special. In this way a plain portrait, perhaps a little bit weird and out of focus, turns into a masterpiece to my eyes.

Photos credit: Lucia Piccioni